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School Mass/Prayer Service Schedule

Prayer Service Schedule for 2023/2024

Date Time Prepared by
August 23rd8:10am Teachers ---
September 13th 8:10am8th
October 18th 8:10am 5th & 3rd (Living Rosary)
November 15th 8:10am 2nd (Thanksgiving)
December (No Prayer Service)

January 17th 8:10am 7th & K
March 28th 11:00am 6th(Stations)
April 24th 8:10am 4th
May 21st 8:10amTeachers

School Mass Schedule 2023/2024

Date Time Prepared by
September 21 9:00am 5th
October 19 9:00am 6th/2nd
November 16 9:00am 4th
December 8 9:00amStaff
December 14 9:00am3rd
January 18 9:00am8th
February 14 9:30am 7th & K
March 21 9:00am1st & 8th
April 14 1:00pmConfirmation Mass with Parish
April 18 9:00am Student Council
May 21 9:00am Graduation Mass - 8th grade

Family Mass Schedule 2023/2024

Date Time Prepared by
September 16th5:30pm 7th & K
October 21st5:30pm 8th & 1st
December 16th 5:30pm6th & 2nd
January 28th(CSW) 5:30pmStudent Council
February 10th 5:30pm 5th & TK
March 16th5:30pm3rd & 4th
April 20th5:30pmStaff
May ____ ____
June ________