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Homework Philosophy

At Sacred Heart homework is assigned for the purpose of applying and reinforcing concepts, skills, and values being learned in the classroom. Home study supports and enhances previously introduced material and is an invaluable way of fostering good, independent study habits. Homework is an effective method for enrichment, as well as extending the curriculum beyond school hours.

Homework will be assigned on a regular basis Monday through Thursday. Written homework is ordinarily not assigned over the weekends and/or holidays with the exception of assignments not completed and/or special projects. Homework assignments for grades 3 – 8 will be posted on the website, under the class page tab.

Homework time allotment guidelines per day for Catholic schools within the Diocese of Sacramento are:

Grade Time
Grades 1, 2 20-30 minutes
Grades 3, 4 30–45 minutes
Grades 5, 6 45-60 minutes
Grades 7, 8 60-120 minutes

Actual homework time will vary by student, the amount of time allowed for homework during the school day, the instructional calendar, etc.