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Hot Lunch

The hot lunch program for Sacred Heart Parish School is provided by Panther Lunches. Panther Lunches is owned and operated by Cheryl Barbosa and Liz Granucci who between them have 25 years of experience in the food service industry. Miss Cheryl and Miss Liz started their catering lunch program in 2017.

The goal of Panther Lunches is to provide students with nutritious meals while contributing to the overall physical and mental well-being of each student.

Panther Lunches is in compliance with the State of California Nutritional Services by supplying healthier alternatives for our children’s lunch program. Along with a lunch that is of high nutritional value, a full salad bar is always included with each lunch ordered. No food items containing peanuts or peanut butter will be served or sold.

In addition, a snack bar is in operation for students in grades 1-8 during morning recess. The snack bar features items such as breakfast burritos, bagels with cream cheese, fresh fruit and granola bars.