Mission Statement

Sacred Heart Parish School serves the Sacred Heart Parish Community by providing a quality Catholic elementary education (TK-8) that is based on the Gospel values of Jesus, and is dedicated to the development of healthy minds, bodies and souls. 

Educational Philosophy

We believe that Jesus Christ is the foundation of our entire educational experience. We recognize that His revelation gives new meaning to life and helps students think, judge and act according to the Gospel; making the Beatitudes their norm of life. As an outreach of Sacred Heart Parish, we are committed to its social ministry of educating children and to its formation of active members in both the local as well as global Catholic faith.

We believe that parents are the primary educators of their children. We support parents in this role by creating a Catholic educational environment that blends learning and believing in the context of community. Together with parents we create a safe, disciplined atmosphere of understanding and acceptance where students are encouraged to grow and are guided in all aspects of their lives.

We believe that teachers are facilitators of learning and that every student is gifted. Our teachers enable students to experience success in developing their individual gifts through an excellent, standards-based curriculum that is both learner-centered as well as developmentally appropriate.

We believe that students discover their mission in life through the understanding of Gospel values, moral reasoning and critical thinking, respect for human dignity, and a sense of personal responsibility. We place a special emphasis upon the uniqueness and worth of each student as a child of God.

We believe that we are called to embrace the fourfold dimensions of Catholic education: Message, Community, Worship and Service. Thus we instill a solid foundation of Christian values and life skills upon which students successfully grow into contributing members of their families, church, civic and global societies.